Os Steakhouse is the restaurant in Heiloo that stands for taste. Our menu consists of meat, fish, meal salads and a number of delicious children’s menus. The chefs prepare all dishes, side dishes and sauces themselves, so that flavors are perfectly matched.

Many of our meat dishes are prepared in an authentic way on the charcoal grill. The meat remains tender and the juices are preserved. With our delicious “smokey-taste” you can enjoy cool grill dishes that are prepared at 350 degrees! The gravy is also drawn by itself.

Outside the menu, we regularly change dishes. View the map of our restaurant in Heiloo below. Is your mouth watering and looking for a good restaurant in Heiloo? You can book directly! Do you have dietary requirements? Let us know in time!


Carpaccio € 11,50
Steak tartare € 12,50
Fish trio salmon, eel & shrimps € 14,50
Devilish shrimp € 12,50
Onion soup € 5,50
Bread plate € 4,75


Served with fries, mayonnaise, bread with herb butter.

Salad with Gambas € 18,50
Salad with Goat cheese € 17,00
Salad with Tenderloin € 23,50
Salad with Carpaccio € 18,50
Salad with Fish Trio € 21,50


Served with fries with mayonnaise, salad with dressing and bread with herb butter.

Black Angus Flat Iron Steak 200gr € 24,50
Black Angus Rib-eye 300gr € 29,50
Stir-fried noodles with tenderloin € 23,50
Tenderloin satay € 18,00
Chicken Sate € 17,00
Irish Tournedos 150gr € 22,50
Irish Tournedos 200gr € 26,50
Calf liver € 22,50
Spare ribs € 19,50
Schnitzel € 18,50
Salmon with tomato salsa € 23,50
Sole with remoulade sauce 350gr € 29,50
Vega Lasagna € 18,50


Served with fries with mayonnaise, salad with dressing and bread with herb butter.

Os Classic Burger (Onion and bacon) € 15,50
Beyond Burger € 15,50
+ Cheese € 1,00


Every day you can go to Os Steakhouse for the Os Special: big, tough steaks for the very big eater (m / f) or cozy with the two of you! Of course as you are used to from Os with unlimited our delicious fresh salad and fresh fries!


Baked mushrooms € 2,50
Fried bacon, onion, mushroom € 3,50
Fresh vegetables € 4,50
Small portion of spare ribs € 5,50


Pepper sauce € – 
Mushroom sauce € – 
Bearnaise Sauce € – 
Roquefort € – 
Truffle gravy € – 
Madeira gravy € – 
Satay sauce € – 
Garlic sauce € – 
Herb butter € – 
Extra sauce € 1,50


Served with fries, apple sauce, ketchup, fries sauce, fruit and children’s surprise.

Children’s menu Frikandel € 7,50
Children’s menu Hamburgertje € 9,50
Kids menu Croquette € 7,50
Children’s menu Satay € 9,50
Spareribs children’s menu € 9,50
Frikandel or Kroket € 2,50


Chocolate mousse with whipped cream € 5,00
Cheesecake with whipped cream € 5,00


When you say Os Steakhouse, you say meat from the grill. But did you know that you can also eat out as a vegetarian in our restaurant? Our top chefs prepare a delicious vegetarian dish especially for you, without having to reserve it in advance.